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Hyundai N Festival Hyundai N Festival is Korea's largest one-make race series hosted by Hyundai Motor Company. In this competition, drivers compete on the Hyundai Motor Company's high-performance N Line vehicles to exceed the limits of speed and explore new possibilities. Hyundai N Festival offers both competitors and fans a chance to enjoy and experience motorsport culture. The festival is divided into two events: a Time Trial for those who want to get into the world of motorsport and a Sprint-style race for those who wish to take their skills to the next level. NEXEN TIRE provides N'FERA SUR4GM, a semi-slick racing tire, under an official tire supply agreement for the N2 Veloster Cup, N3 Avante N Line Cup, and N Time Trial class of the Hyundai N Festival.

2024 Annual Race Schedule

Class Round Schedule Venue
Sprint Race 1R 4/27(Sat) ~ 4/28(Sun) Inje Speedium (Short Course, 2.577km)
2R 5/11(Sat) ~ 5/12(Sun) Everland Speedway (Short Course, 2.538km)
3R 6/22(Sat) ~ 6/23(Sun) Korea International Circuit (5.615km)
4R 9/28(Sat) ~ 9/29(Sun) Everland Speedway (4.346km)
5R 10/19(Sat) ~ 10/20(Sun) Inje Speedium (3.908km)
6R 11/9(Sat) ~ 11/10(Sun) Korea International Circuit (5.615km)
Time-trial 1R 5/25(Sat) Inje Speedium (3.908km)
2R 7/20(Sat) Everland Speedway (4.346km)
3R 8/17(Sat) Everland Speedway (4.346km)
4R 9/7(Sat) Inje Speedium (3.908km)
5R 10/26(Sat) Inje Speedium (3.908km)