MotorSports NEXEN TIRE aims to grow further by embracing the challenges and making a strong commitment to the field of motorsports.
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NEXEN TIRE Speed Racing NEXEN TIRE's involvement in motorsports started in 2006 with the RV Championship, and since then, the company has contributed to the growth of domestic motorsports in Korea by expanding the variety of classes and providing opportunities for amateur drivers to participate in organized racing competitions. By holding the most diverse classes in Korea and operating professional, semi-professional, and amateur classes simultaneously, we have served as a gateway for drivers to enter motorsports and grow through continuous participation in professional competitions. NEXEN TIRE introduced its racing semi-slick tire, the N'FERA SUR4G, to various racers and circuits in Korea through the Speed Racing event, which helped to popularize the tire even among the public. For 17 years, NEXEN TIRE has been the main title sponsor of the NEXEN TIRE Speed Racing and has taken on a sense of mission and responsibility as a tire manufacturer in Korea, a country that was once lacking in motorsports, and has helped to develop the domestic motorsports scene.