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Title Nexen Tire, awarded with the Excellent Prize in Date2011-01-04

- Nexen Tire, awarded with the Excellent Prize in "Web Award Korea 2010"
- Produced the top quality homepage that stresses importance in the customers’ convenience
- Easy information search and convenient access from mobile devices
The website of NEXEN Tire (CEO Yi, Hyeon-bong) that was recently renewed was awarded with the Excellent Prize in the manufacturing business category inthe “Web Award Korea 2010.” Web Award Korea is the most prestigious award for websites in Korea that selects the most innovative and outstanding websites among the newly constructed and remodeled websites by the members of the Web Award Judgment Committee, which is composed of 1,600 web experts in Korea.
The awarding event held this year was the 7th event, and nominees from about 90 categories were evaluated to select the winners. Based on the evaluation on 40 assessment indices including design, U.I., technology, contents, brand, promotion, marketing, and service, the winners of each category in 2010 were announced.
The website of NEXEN Tire that was awarded with the Excellent Prize in the manufacturing business category was highly evaluated for its splendid visual impact as well as the efforts that were made to get closer to the customers. For example, it offers the optimized information for the customers’ product purchase focusing on the users’ convenience. By entering the information about the vehicle and lifestyle of a customer, it suggests the most appropriate products when searching for tires.  
Also, in case of the major products, the website effectively delivers the product concepts through excellent promotional video clip that reminds the viewers about racing while effortlessly presenting the signature technology of NEXEN Tire to the customers through the promotional video on technical capacity.
Meanwhile, the customers are given suggestions about the tires that are best suited for their vehicles, and the store information are easily provided by simply leaving an inquiry through email in the ‘Inquiry on purchase’ menu, thus eliminating the need to call the store. Also, it is remarkable to see the reinforced online service that provides detailed store location in connection with Google map.
Having promoted active sports marketing including the professional baseball sponsorship this year, NEXEN Tire offers vivid information on NEXEN Heroes as well as beneficial information on local and international motor sports.
The executive director Yi, Seong-gu in the Global Marketing Team of NEXEN Tire said, "The website renewal was made exclusively based from customers’ perspective so as to increase the users’ convenience, and it eventually led to the award winning this time. We will continuously reinforce the customer service through online means as well."

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