When it comes to deserts, an image of endless sand dunes come to mind. If you drive in the desert, you’ll actually find that it’s more beautiful than you could possibly have imagined. Would you like to drive in the desert with NEXEN TIRE and discover its unexpected charms?

Uyuni desert, surreal beauty that meets the sky

Uyuni desert has something special that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. It’s so special that some people even plan a trip to Latin America only to see this form of desert. This desert is a salt flat located in the west end of Potosi, and it is almost impossible to see where the sky ends and the land begins when there. Driving across this endless desert, you can get a completely enchanted feeling like you’re in another world.

During the day, the region reflects a perfect representation of the sky above, and during the night, you can see thousands of stars glistening in the sky. It is so marvelous that you might even develop Stendhal Syndrome! Aside from this, you can also visit the ‘train graveyard’, where you can find abandoned antique trains, the ‘Colchani village’, which sells souvenirs, and the ‘fish island’ full of exotic cactuses. The best time to visit Uyuni desert is between June and September.

Dune bashing over sand dunes among the Al Hajar Mountains

United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates. The desert driving at ‘Ras Al Khaimah’, which is situated in the northernmost part of the country bordering Oman, has recently become one of the most popular travel courses in the region. It is a place where you can view coastal dunes that stretch for about 60 km, oases, and vast rocky terrain.

In particular, a 4X4 dune bashing tour among the ‘Al Hajar Mountains’ is popular. It is a thrilling activity that raises excitement through rugged handling while driving across the desert. Get your tires ready along with your thrill for adventure. By leaping over peaks and hurtling down steep slopes like riding a roller coaster in the desert, you can enjoy the thrills to their fullest. After driving, you can have a bbq and campfire at ‘Bedouin Oasis’, perfectly finishing off the trip on a high note.

Relaxing and carefree stay in the Gobi Desert

The word ‘Gobi’ in the Gobi Desert refers to rough land that doesn’t grow grass well. It’s a bit different from the feature of the desert in general, which is filled with sand. Driving across the low grasslands in the ‘Gobi Desert’ is not overly exciting or dynamic, but it has its own relaxing charm. While enjoying the nature when driving across the vast plains, you can stop and relax at the ice valley, known as ‘Yol Valley’, and appreciate the stars in the sky at night. In Mongolia, you can literally claim that the entire country is ideal for stargazing. Since it mostly consists of grassland, beautiful stars can be seen from anywhere in the country. We can’t stress enough about all the beautiful stars that will never leave you bored during your driving tour.

Desert driving courses that each have their own distinctive charm! We strongly recommend driving the deserts that offer you thrills, excitement, and relaxation.