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Title NEXEN TIRE announced new Dealer Conference Program in Europe Date2024-04-19

- With the "Nexen InnoForum", the company is introducing a concept for the Europe-wide standardization of dealer conferences. 

Kelkheim, March 21st 2024 – NEXEN TIRE, a leading global tire manufacturer, is creating a new internal company standard for organizing and hosting dealer conferences in the name of "Nexen InnoForum". 

The Nexen InnoForum is a platform for NEXEN and its partners to engage in discussions and collaborative efforts aimed at shaping the future. The emphasis lies on mutual growth, as both parties align their visions and strategies. As denoted by "Forum," it is focusing on fostering business connections and exchanging innovative ideas and perspectives.

The Dealer Conference agenda is structured around two principal elements: immersing into NEXEN's sophisticated manufacturing technologies and offering a comprehensive look at the products themselves. Attendees will get a close-up view of tire production that adheres to the highest technical standards with a factory tour, particularly at NEXEN TIRE's most advanced facility Europe Plant (EP). The aim is to highlight the manufacturing process, distinguished by its high automation and consistent quality control at every stage of production. Furthermore, the program allows participants to directly interact with a wide variety of NEXEN products by enhancing their knowledge through hands-on driving experiences. The opportunity for test driving depends on the specific conditions at the location where the NEXEN InnoForum is hosted.

DC Kim, Vice President Europe Sales & Marketing at NEXEN TIRE: "With this program, we are establishing a new standard for the presentation of our quality tires throughout Europe and giving dealers a look behind the scenes and a hands-on experience to get to know all aspects of the product transparently." 

At the "Nexen InnoForum" in line with EP factory tour, participants will have the opportunity to get to know the complete tire production process and the technical features of the individual production stages of the fully automated plant. In the smart factory, advanced technologies such as AI, robotics and sensors form intelligent systems that orchestrate production and logistics autonomously and sustainably. The second expansion phase, which began in March 2021 and was successfully completed in January 2024, is expected to increase production capacity from 5.5 million up to 11 million tires per year. 

In addition to the Smart Factory Tour, dealers can take part in a test drive at one of the nearby driving centers. The "Autodrom Most" motorsport race track near the city of Most – the first permanent race track facility in the Czech Republic – offers a special driving experience. Tires can be tested under extreme conditions on 4,2 kilometers of track and also on safety polygon: dry, wet, with snow and ice. Tire dynamics and grip can also be tested.

"It is a great honor for us to welcome NEXEN, whom we consider to be one of the technological leaders in the segment. Autodrom Most stands for key venues of ‘Czech Autoland’, not only to its motorsport heritage but also to its role as a center for road safety education. We are confident that participants of the Nexen InnoForum will gain valuable experiences and make the most of the diverse range of testing opportunities available," so Josef Zajíček, CEO Autodrom Most.

To test the program, the European MarCom managers met in Žatec, Czech Republic, on March 13 and visited the plant there. 

NEXEN TIRE announced new Dealer Conference Program in Europe
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