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Title Nexen Tire successfully holds the Best Dealer Awards in China. Date2017-10-20

-Nexen Tire successfully holds the Best Dealer Awards in China.
-Successful launch of the High Performance All Season Tire, CP698

From the 11th till the 14th of January, Nexen Tire held the ''2010 Best Dealer Awards'' in China,
a fast growing, prominent market, and invited the dealers in China.

The event took place in Shenzhen, Hongkong and Macao to celebrate the best sales agencies
who strived to improve the sales and performance.

Around 100 representatives of the client companies and Nexen''s directors and employees participated
in the event and exchanged news on the current market circumstances and business information.

There was a presentation of the new product ''CP698'', specially designed for Chinese market,
to share its development process and the plan to advance in the Chinese market.
"70% of the passenger vehicles sold in China from 2008 till 2010 is under 1,600cc. Especially in big cities,
the trend is to look at the comfort and silence. " Nexen Tire explains the background of the new product
of CP698.

The new product, CP698 improved not only the comfort but also a great deal of durability,
thus improving the economic benefit. New material is added and optimal compound is used to prevent
uneven wear of the tire. Contact pressure is equally distributed to prevent uneven wear.
CP698 is the most suitable tire in weathers with four distinctive seasons like in Korea and
is expected to be a big hit in China. Nexen Tire''s Vice President Hyun Bong Lee expressed his confidence
in the following statement.

"Since the Qingdao plant started the operation in 2008, we have made continuous investment and
innovation. Now the research, manufacturing and marketing capacities are on a stable phase and we are getting the outcome.

When we start full operation of the Chinese corporation, the base for the global market, we will make ourselves one of the top ten tire manufacturers in the world."

Nexen Tire successfully holds the Best Dealer Awards in China.
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