NEXEN TYRE established ESG principles to develop with stakeholders and fulfill corporate social responsibility in pursuit of the value of consideration, existence, and symbiosis. NEXEN TYRE 's ESG principle enacts and implements guidelines by taking into account the methods that fulfill social responsibility in the areas such as corporate ethics, environment, labor and human rights, and supply responsibility.
Corporate Ethics
NEXEN TYRE is striving to create a transparent, fair, and mature corporate culture based on its management principles and ethical norms of developing with stakeholders, buyers, customers, suppliers, partners, community, and employees as well as pursuing the values of consideration, existence, and symbiosis. NEXEN also puts effort into carrying out ethical management that enables sustainable management by conducting an ethical management survey and regular training for employees and by running a reporting center for violations of ethical norms.
Environment, Safety, and Healthcare
Putting top priority on human and environment, NEXEN TYRE is actively conducting EHS (environment, health and safety) management. Based on environmental management system, NEXEN TYRE endeavor to realize low energy consumption, reduce carbon and pollutant emissions, and recycle resources, pursuing harmony between corporate activities and environment. Our health and safety management system aims to ensure the safety of our employees and suppliers and promote their health conditions, pursuing accident-free workplace as part of corporate social responsibility.
Labor and Human Rights
NEXEN TYRE is committed to fulfilling its mission as a human-centered corporate through human rights management which prioritizes on labor and human rights throughout its management activities. To this end, NEXEN TYRE has established a human rights management policy, presented the standard for value judgment that all employees and stakeholders should comply with, and has pledged to practice them in all of its management activities. As such, NEXEN TYRE puts emphasis on human dignity and value as well as actively practices human rights management, aiming to pursue sustainable development with all stakeholders including employees. As a UNGC member, we respect and protect all human rights in order to comply with the 10 principles. All of forced labor, child labor, and all kinds of discrimination is prohibited, and pays fair compensation to executives and employees, and further respects and protects the living environment (land, forest, water) and rights (prohibition of forced eviction, destruction, etc.) of local residents. In addition, appropriate control measures are taken to prevent violations between employees and in-house resident partners (facility management, security, janitor, etc.)
Supply chain Management
NEXEN TYRE strives to grow together by supporting partners' sustainable growth. Based on partners’ ESG guidelines, ethical management, and the procurement policies for sustainable raw materials, NEXEN TYRE is formulating various policies that present standards for corporate ethics, environment, safety, and healthcare, and labor and human rights. Also, NEXEN is doing its best to build a sustainable supply network by conducting a regular ESG evaluation to improve the competence and growth of its partners. As a member of GPSNR, NEXEN establish the Sustainable natural rubber policy to prevent forced eviction, and to protect the native people, land, forest, and ground water for sustainability of natural rubber.
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