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NEXEN Heroes

In 2010, NEXEN TIRE signed the main sponsorship agreement with the Heroes, which is the first naming sponsor among the professional baseball teams in the Koran Baseball League, and has since created a synergy over the last 9 years.

NEXEN TIRE has sought to be an ideal example of how corporate sports marketing not only generated corporate profits but also contributed to the overall development of the sports industry in Korea. As a result, NEXEN TIRE was able to grow into a brand that resonates positively to baseball fans and citizens while also contributing to the stable management and development of 10 professional baseball teams.

NEXEN Heroes also induced a heightened level of excitement and joy to baseball fans thanks to their record-breaking performance, including being the runner-up in 2014, recording 200 hits in a single season, amassing 40 home runs for three seasons in a row, and recording the most hits by a rookie. In particular, each and every game they played in the post season series of 2018 and the incredible performance in the final game of the playoffs proved that Nexen Heroes is a team with the potential to overcome any challenges.

NEXEN TIRE encourages and supports the Heroes in effort to become the leading baseball team while preserving the spirit of fair play and upright sports ethics. NEXEN TIRE also aims to contribute to the development of sports culture and the national economy in Korea so that NEXEN TIRE can become a company that is more widely appreciated by all.