MotorSports NEXEN TIRE aims to grow further by embracing the challenges and making a strong commitment to the field of motorsports.
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NEXEN TIRE Speedway Motor Festival NEXEN TIRE Speedway Motor Festival, co-hosted by NEXEN TIRE and Samsung C&T Resort Group, has received accreditation from the Korea Automobile Racing Association (KARA) and is set to take place for the first time in 2023. Since 2006, NEXEN TIRE has been dedicated to expanding and developing the motorsports culture in Korea, and as a continuation of this effort, we are proud to collaborate with Samsung C&T Resort Group to organize this event at Samsung Everland Speedway located in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. NEXEN TIRE Speedway Motor Festival is open to anyone interested in motorsports. We aim to make motorsports accessible to a wider audience by creating a motorsports festival that provides circuit driving opportunities and programs for amateur drivers, those interested in track driving, circuit driving beginners who need help from a driving academy, motorsports fans who are members of car clubs, as well as families who enjoy motorsports.

2024 Annual Race Schedule

Round Schedule Venue
1R 5/6(Mon) Everland Speedway (4.346km)
2R 6/2(Sun) Everland Speedway (4.346km)
3R 7/21(Sun) Everland Speedway (4.346km)
4R 8/18(Sun) Everland Speedway (4.346km)
5R 9/22(Sun) Everland Speedway (4.346km)