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Título NEXEN TIRE Held ‘2017 Purple Summit, Manchester’ for Worldwide Business Partners Date2017-04-17

NEXEN TIRE, a leading global tire manufacturer, held the ‘2017 Purple Summit, Manchester,’ to demonstrate its commitment to its worldwide partners.  

Under the name of ‘Purple Summit’ – an integrated marketing campaign of NEXEN TIRE – NEXEN TIRE began organizing the ‘Purple Summit’ in an effort to foster and strengthen its relationships with worldwide business partners, which targeted acceleration the company’s presence in the global market. This year, selected valuable business partners from 34 countries have attended the event.

With worldwide business partners from around the world all together, NEXEN TIRE have arranged various exciting activities. The attendees had the opportunity to build a foundation for strong ties among the partners through relaxing welcome dinner, followed by conferences highlighting 
NEXEN TIRE’s thrilling global marketing activities and its high-end quality of products at Manchester City Football Academy, followed by an exciting soccer match between Manchester City F.C. and Liverpool F.C. at Etihad Stadium, the home stadium of Manchester City F.C . 

The match was organized as a ‘special sponsor’s match day event’, hosted by NEXEN TIRE, as a major sponsor of the club for a second season. It was the significant match held right after NEXEN TIRE and Manchester city F.C announced the sponsorship for EPL history’s first jersey branding on sleeve, boasting a stronger relationship. During halftime of the match, a NEXEN TIRE Skills Challenge was held where fans were selected to shoot through a NEXEN TIRE for special prizes. 

“We are proud to organize the ‘2017 Purple Summit, Manchester’ for our worldwide business partners and customers, and to build deeper, and long-term business relationships,” said Travis Kang, CEO of NEXEN TIRE. “We will remain committed to investing in and growing our partnerships with our partners and customers around the world.”

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