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Título NEXEN TIRES Officially Sponsored Ice Hockey Team, BK Mlada Boleslav of the Czech Extraliga, Finish Season with the Best Record in Club History Date2016-04-26

NEXEN TIRE’s Officially Sponsored Ice Hockey Team, BK Mlada Boleslav of the Czech Extraliga, Finish Season with the Best Record in Club History

NEXEN TIRE, a leading global tire manufacturer, is proud to announce that its sponsored team, BK Mlada Boleslav of the Czech Extraliga, has finished its best season in club history and advanced to the semifinals of post season play.

The Extraliga is the Czech Republic’s premier ice hockey league and one of the top leagues in the world. Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in the Czech Republic and BK Mlada Boleslav has a storied history in Extraliga, dating back to 1908.

NEXEN TIRE has been a proud sponsor of Mlada Boleslav since 2014 and has advertisements adorning the stands, rink boards and benches of their home arena, as well as featuring prominently on the helmets and uniforms of players. Lately, NEXEN TIRE has signed a 2-year sponsorship extension based on the team’s excellent performance. As part of the sponsorship extension, NEXEN TIRE has obtained the right to display the company related advertisements on the large LED screen in the rink. Moreover, NEXEN TIRE plans to execute various marketing activities including hospitality programs and on site events targeting its business partners, customers and ice hockey fans by utilizing sponsorship rights.

“NEXEN TIRE is engaged in partnerships with a variety of sports around the globe in order to communicate and get familiar with our customers. Especially Ice Hockey’s energetic image has been a perfect fit for the brand image of NEXEN TIRE. Through this partnership, we have been able to show NEXEN TIRE''''''''''''''''s brand in the European market. We will continue various sports marketing activities to engage with customers and partners by sharing the sense of excitement that sports bring and enhance brand awareness amongst European customers,” said NEXEN TIRE.

NEXEN TIRE provides OE tires to global car makers, including Volkswagen, Fiat, Renault-Daimler, Skoda and many others, and has been strengthening its global presence with a focus on the European market. In October 2015, NEXEN TIRE started construction on a new tire manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic, which will feature the most advanced automation systems along with environmentally friendly technologies. Commercial operation is planned to commence in 2018. It is expected to serve as an important manufacturing hub for the company as it seeks to join the world’s top tire makers due to its strategic location near the production plants of global car makers. 

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