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Título Nexen Tire achieves first-ever grand slam of design awards for a tire maker Date2014-09-02

Nexen Tire achieves first-ever grand slam of design awards for a tire maker

- Nexen tire selected as a finalist at the U.S. IDEA.


Nexen Tire (CEO Lee Hyun-bong) became the first tire maker in the world to achieve a grand slam of design awards, after being selected as a finalist at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) held in the U.S.


The unprecedented feat required Nexen Tire to win the world's top 3 design awards - IDEA (U.S.), International Forum Design (IF Design Award, Germany), and Red Dot Design Award (Germany); plus, it’s also a winner at G-Mark (Japan), one of the global top 4 design awards.


First selected as a finalist at the German IF Design Awards in 2011, Nexen Tire picked up awards at the German Red Dot Design Awards in 2012 and the Japanese G-Mark Design Awards in 2013. This year, the tire maker won the German IF Design Award once again and became a finalist at the U.S. IDEA.


The U.S. IDEA is one of the world's most prestigious design awards and is held by the U.S. Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA). To win at IDEA, entries have to show outstanding originality, artistry, sustainability, business value and problem-solving ability.


This year saw over 2,000 products go head-to-toe with each other through a strict review in 16 categories.


The Green Hive concept tire, a finalist in the transportation category, focuses on usability, economy and sustainability. This innovative next-generation tire makes it possible to use it for longer by replacing its tread, which is directly related to the effective service life of a tire. The Green Hive tire was highly appraised for its creativity and innovation. Indeed, the judges noted that it was far beyond anything seen in conventional tires.

"Achieving the grand slam of the most prestigious global design awards with this year's IDEA is proof of our design capability and extraordinary global competitiveness," said Lee Hyun-bong, Nexen Tire's CEO. "We continue to build on our quality and technological capability to expand our supply to global automakers. Going forward, we will continue to launch innovative products that deliver outstanding performance and design to raise our brand value." <The End>



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