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Título Three Nexen Tire entries win US Good Design Awards Date2014-02-18

Nexen Tire has won the U.S. Good Design Awards.
Nexen Tire announced on 6th that the Nexen Tire’s N’blue eco, N9000, and N’Priz SH9J had won the award in the transportation design category at the renowned Good Design Awards.
Nexen’s achievement follows the award it won for its winter tire, Winguard sport, in 2012 and once again attests Nexen's global competitiveness.
The U.S. Good Design Awards is a design awards program that is organized annually by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design (Illinois) in cooperation with the European Center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. Entries for a total of 25 categories, including electronics, transportation, furniture, computer and architecture, are each year submitted by various firms across the world. Good products for each category are then selected through a review.
Created in 1950, the Good Design Awards is one of the world’s most prestigious and highly recognized design awards program with entries selected in each category through comprehensive evaluation in terms of esthetics, innovation, new technology, form, material, composition, concept, functionality, usefulness, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.
In the transportation category, the world’s foremost carmakers, such BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and Hyundai/Kia, all picked up an award. Nexen was the only Korean tire maker to win a main award this year.
The Nexen N’blue eco is an environmentally friendly tire that reflects the elegance embodied by the swan on its design. The Nexen N’blue eco features reduced rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency through its tire structural design with optimized tread patterns and minimized energy loss. This product is characterized by its eco-friendly functional design with the motif of nature.
The N9000 is an exclusive sports car tire designed to meet the needs of high performance and speed. It boasts superior handling and steering stability at high-speed driving. The N9000’s dynamic design based on a lightning Z motif has been highly received.
The N’Priz SH9J is a tire designed exclusively for compact cars and features a cat motif. The N’Priz SH9J has sought the emotional satisfaction of customers by reflecting the sharp line of cat eyes and the elegant line of cats to its design.
“All our three entries were winners at the Good Design Awards, which is testament to our redoubled efforts to concentrate all our capabilities from performance and quality on the design of our products,” said Han Min-hyun, Nexen Tire Vice President and R&D Director. “We will continue to improve our product competitiveness in the global market through continuous R&D investment.”

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