Northern Europe is full of beautiful cities! The number of tourists going on a trip to the Nordic countries has increased in recent years, despite the challenges of the weather there. We'd like to introduce you to some destinations that are particularly beautiful in the winter.

Let's find some of the best spots in Northern Europe, particularly those that are best to visit in the winter.

Spot 1. Trondheim for enjoying a sequestered
village covered with snow

Norway, the magical winter wonderland with snow-covered fields and villages!

Trondheim in Norway is a place where the temperature can drop as low as minus 20 degrees on a cold winter night, yet it’s the perfect place for a leisurely road trip. Hoarfrost on the trees on desolate riverside roads, snowflakes and neat streets covered with snow – the surrounding views can be extremely impressive.

Plus, you must not miss Nidaros Cathedral in the winter, particularly as you’ll find the air filled with the joyous sound of Christmas carols. The elegant Nidaros Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Norway and it is one of the most famous and impressive attractions in Norway, having been built in an incredible Gothic architectural style.

Spot 2. Kiruna to enjoy the green hue of the Aurora
Borealis across the night sky

Kiruna situated at the northernmost end of Sweden is a city that’s home to more than 6,000 beautiful lakes. It is so famous for superb natural landscape that it is also called the last wilderness in Europe.

Kiruna is famous as a great winter travel destination, so you’ll find many attractions and entertainments here for tourists. You can enjoy time at the world's only ice hotel and take in the beautiful sight of the white snow-covered Kiruna at the top of Kebnekaise Mountain, which is the highest mountain in Sweden.

What is most special about Kiruna is the stunning sight of the aurora. Enjoying the Aurora Borealis that colors the night sky in green would be an unforgettable experience on your road trip through Northern Europe.

Spot 3. West Fjord and surrounding
snow-capped mountains

As its name suggest, Iceland is an island of fire and ice. Though many tourists visit the island each year, it preserves the beauty of nature with the icy splendor of the winter.

West Fjord in Iceland is particularly attractive, with small craters that seem to breathe in the perpetual snow field. You can enjoy winter sports like snowboarding, mounting driving, hiking and trekking amid a unique natural environment.

If you like dynamic outdoor activities, go to West Fjord where you can feel the full force of Mother Nature in the winter!

Northern European Road Trip is particularly beautiful and romantic in the winter!

How about spending your winter holidays in Northern Europe, where you can enjoy beautiful snowy landscapes, clean nature and winter sports all at once? These fantastic road trips will leave you with unforgettable experiences.