When the weather gets colder, you can easily submit to the temptation to turn on the heater. Yet, there is some concern that the heater could in fact do more harm than good to drivers. Let's find out what problems the car heater could bring to drivers.

Problem 1. Skin dryness and trouble!

When hot wind from the car heater comes in contact with the skin, it dries it out and, what’s worse, the bacteria inside the filter can cause skin trouble. Continuous use of the car heater could speed up skin aging and make the skin rough and wrinkled. Plus, a big temperature difference between inside the car and outside can loosen the capillaries, resulting in hot flushes.

It is recommended to set the direction of the car heater toward your feet or body, and keep the car at a comfortable temperature, rather than an overly high temperature. In addition, it is important to open the window while driving to let fresh air in.

If you have dry skin, carry a moisturizing mist/lotion to keep the skin moisturized when the car heater is turned on.

Problem 2. Rough hair!

Dry indoor air from the heating system can parch the skin as well as the hair. Rough hair becomes charged with static when it comes in contact with the seat and, as a result, can ruin hair styles and disturb you while driving. In this regard, it is better to use a hot-wire seat or, if the heater has to be used, turn the heating down or else set the direction of the vents to downward. Female drivers in particular need to remember that the use of the car heater could do extra damage to their hair, because women may often use a hairdryer in the winter.

Using a moisturizing hair essence is one way to keep hair from tumbling everywhere while driving. It is also good for male drivers to limit the use of the car heater so that there is no hair lying around on the floor.

Problem 3. The throat is easily exposed to bacteria!

Dry air damages not only the skin and hair, but also the bronchial tubes. In particular, the car heater can release all kinds of bacteria if the system is not kept clean.

This dry mucous membrane on the bronchial tubes can cause a sore throat and/or vocal nodules. Moreover, any disease that incubates as a result of using the car heater can make drivers even more tired, putting them in danger, especially those who have to drive long distances. If the car heater has to be used, remember now and then to let fresh air in, keep the car clean and check the filter on a regular basis.

The frequent use of the car heater during the winter could cause health problems! This winter, keep what NEXEN TODAY recommended in mind to ensure safe driving and keep your health!