Tyre Guide Drive efficiently by having common knowledge about tyres!
Tyre Size Markings You must check the tyre standards when purchasing a tyre. If you must replace a tyre, you must be aware of the tyre standards and information in advance to ensure a perfect tyre for your car.
ISO indication (International Standard Organization)
Previous indication
Indication of GSO (Gulf Standard Organization : GSO is applied to the Gulf nations in the middle east area)
TR indication (Businesses interested in the tyre and wheel rim industry)
Understanding of aspect ratio (Series)
The tyre series is said to be aspect ratio, and it indicates the ratio of height to the width of a tyre section.
Identification of the date of manufactures
It is possible to indentify the tyres to be exported to the U.S with the number of DOT(Department Of Transportation) shown on the side wall of the tyres according to FMVSS(Federal Vehicle Safety Standard)