Download Downloads the CI of NEXEN TYRE, Corporate Font and the Catalogue that introduces the all products of NEXEN TYRE.
CI Corporate Font Product Information
CI Experience the CI of NEXEN TYRE that reflects the philosophy of nobility in life.
The symbol of NEXEN expresses the business image that is sincere to the fundamentals and pursues active changes through the balance between the right and left as well as developmental formation. The interconnected typo design reflects the sense of unity between the company and customers or employees, while the overall outline of a wheel implies the actual business.
It is the product philosophy of NEXEN that cherishes the nobility of life as well as the representation of prestige that is expressed through the perfection in its products. The purple colour of NEXEN that fosters the passion inside represents the business will of NEXEN the most.
The signature is the business indication system that directly expresses the image of NEXEN through the organic combination of the symbol mark and logo type.
Since the signature can be utilized in various media, such as documents, autographs, and promotional materials, various signature systems in Korean, English, left/right, upper/lower, and initial form were developed according to each function. Therefore, there is no standard for the application of the signature in terms of the upper/lower and right/left combinations when developing the signature.
The proportion, space, and size of the signature cannot be changed arbitrarily and if it is reproduced, it must be utilized through photocopy or printing from the computer data according to the section of the “Manual Reproduction Document.”
Colour rules