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Tytuł NEXEN TIRE Plans to Sponsor Four Global Winter Sports Competitions Date2018-09-03

● NEXEN TIRE strives to strengthen its brand power through official sponsorships of four international winter sports competitions
● NEXEN TIRE plans to increase brand awareness through advertising materials utilizing competition titles and logos, venue branding, uniform branding, promotional videos broadcast at venues, and on-site promotional booths
● NEXEN TIRE will raise brand awareness as well as promote sales of winter products through diverse marketing activities

In an effort to strengthen its brand power and increase sales of winter products, NEXEN TIRE will be an official sponsor of four international winter sports competitions.

With the upcoming 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, NEXEN TIRE seeks to engage in communication activities with an aim to increase the popularity of winter sports, and to build brand identity.

NEXEN TIRE will take a proactive stance on expanding the base of winter sports in Asia as well as in European and North American countries that have been traditionally strong in winter sports as the 2016-17 season begins in November. As an official sponsor, NEXEN TIRE will be granted exclusive sponsor privileges and the use of competition titles and logos, in addition to boosting brand awareness through venue branding, bib branding, promotional videos broadcast at venues, and on-site promotional booths. All competitions will take place between November 2016 and March 2017.

NEXEN TIRE will be sponsoring five FIS Ski Jumping World Cups hosted by the International Ski Federation. This competition is scheduled to be held in Germany, Switzerland, and Poland. NEXEN TIRE will also sponsor the snowboard/ski Big Air World Cup hosted by the International Ski Federation. The freestyle Ski World Cup is going to be held in four countries while Snowboard World Cup will be held in six countries. NEXEN TIRE plans to sponsor 10 World Cups and Championship events in speed skating hosted by the International Skating Union. Competitions are scheduled to be held in 9 countries, including South Korea, China, Japan, Canada, and Germany. Finally, NEXEN TIRE plans to sponsor seven World Cup and the World Championship on bobsleigh and skeleton events hosted by the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation, featuring the top competitors from around the world.

NEXEN TIRE will perform diverse marketing activities, including television commercials, magazine advertisements, out-of-home advertisements, sales promotion through tickets for matches, and hospitality programs for customers, in order to beef up its brand awareness and promote sale of winter products.

“We are planning to maximize our marketing effects by taking full advantage of our official sponsorships of international winter sports competitions in order to raise brand awareness and increase sales of our winter products in the global market,” said NEXEN TIRE. “We will strive to build brand identity and value by communicating with customers through new contents.”

NEXEN TIRE continues to enhance its global presence through diverse sports marketing activities in order to establish brand awareness and value. Along with the official partnership of the Premier League’s Manchester City FC and advertising agreement with the Italian Serie A, NEXEN TIRE’s diverse portfolio of sports marketing activities include partnerships with three US Major League Baseball teams, BK Mlada Boleslav of the Czech Republic’s Premier Ice Hockey League, and the Chiefs of the New Zealand Rugby League.

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