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Tytuł NEXEN TIRE supplies OE tires to Dacia, part of the Renault Group Date2018-09-03

 NEXEN TIRE supplies OE tires to Dacia, part of the Renault Group

- The N'Blue HD is now fitted to the Lodgy and Dokker


NEXEN TIRE announced on the 20th that it has entered an agreement to supply OE tires to Dacia, a brand of the French automaker Renault Group.


The tiremaker will supply its N'Blue HD tires to two Dacia models, the Lodgy, a small multi-purpose vehicle, and the Dokker, a leisure vehicle.


NEXEN will exclusively supply tires to the entire volume of the two models to be manufactured at a Renault plant in Tangiers, Morocco from August, for sale in Europe.


The N'Blue HD is an environment-friendly UHP tire with excellent handling stability that has been receiving a tremendously positive response in overseas regions, including Europe, owing to its superior performance as verified by a test conducted by a renowned UK automotive magazine.


Starting with the OE supply for the Fiat 500L last year, NEXEN TIRE has continuously worked to expand its OE supply in Europe, including through securing the OE supply to the Volkswagen Polo, Skoda Octavia and Rapid, and to the SEAT Ibiza. More recently, the tiremaker is arranging an OE supply contract for the US Chrysler's All New 200 and Ram 3500.

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