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Tytuł NEXEN TIRE practices Love & Friendship with Pink Ribbon Date2018-09-03

NEXEN TIRE practices Love & Friendship with Pink Ribbon

- NEXEN joins the global ‘Pink Ribbon’ campaign
- Invitation to a baseball game, discount on tires and free tire check-ups… 
  NEXEN prepares various events for female customers

Every year in October, NEXEN TIRE joins the global ‘pink ribbon’ campaign to raise the awareness of breast cancer and to promote the importance of health check-up.

This year as well, NEXEN wants to contribute to raising awareness of breast cancer by joining the ‘2011 pink ribbon campaign’ that will go on for a month in October. To begin with, women will be invited to a baseball game and be able to experience various events. For the game between NEXEN Heroes and Doosan held in Mokdong Stadium on October 5th, NEXEN TIRE will give out free tickets to 1,000 women on site.
A booth will be set up in the stadium for the women to enjoy experience events and get souvenirs.
Anyone can join the cheering picket making event that will be held in the booth. There will also be a raffle drawing to give a voucher for the eco friendly tire “N”Blue Eco. NEXEN will also give out pink ribbon badges
and pink balloons to paint the whole stadium pink.

NEXEN TIRE has also prepared special events for the girls out of the stadium, NEXEN’s agency,
Tire Tech will give discount on all products and offer free tire check-ups to all the female customers who visit the place in October. Those female customers who bought the products can apply for the online event that gives out cosmetic sets. NEXEN will also make and distribute pink ribbon edition wall paper on the home page.

More and more corporations are joining the global pink ribbon campaign that started in the early 1990’s.
Korea started to join the campaign in 2001. NEXEN TIRE will help in making beautiful and healthy society by raising awareness of breast cancer and promoting the importance of health check up.

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