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Analyst Coverage This is a list of analysts in domestic and overseas securities companies who regularly provide NEXEN TIRE-related reports.
The list below is provided for the convenience of investors and may be subject to change.
No Securities Company Analyst E-mail Contact #
1 CLSA Securities Korea Ltd. Dohyoung Kim +82-2-397-8452
2 Hana Securities Sunjae Song +82-2-3771-7512
3 Korea Investment & Securities Jinwoo Kim +82-2-3276-6278
4 Eugene Investment & Securities Jaeil Lee +82-2-368-6183
5 IBK Securities Sanghyun Lee +82-2-6915-5662
6 Shinhan Securities Yongjin Jung +82-2-3772-1591
7 Hyundai Motor Securities Moonsoo Jang +82-2-3787-2639
8 KB Securities Seongjin Kang +82-2-6114-2911
9 Sangsangin Investment & Securities Youngchan Baek +82-2-3779-3192
10 Daol Securities JIwoong Yoo +82-2-2184-2310
11 Shinyoung Securities Yongkwan Moon +82-2-2004-9175