Global festivals are passionate moments full of energy just like the hot summer sun. Let’s explore some global summer festivals that will bring liveliness to your tired body and mind.

The U.K. - Glastonbury Festival

‘Glastonbury Festival’ is a rock festival held in the last week of June every year at Worthy Farm, a private farm in Somerset, in the southwestern region of the U.K. Originally organized by the farm owners of Glastonbury as an open-air concert in 1970 headlined by Led Zeppelin, the festival is now one of the largest music festivals in the world.

Tickets for the 5-day long festival are sold out even before the lineup of musicians is announced. This is a huge festival, which is participated by over 150,000 people every year. People say that the festival never disappoints as many famous artists are bound to appear on the stage.

The Glastonbury Festival unites all participants with a passion for rock music that overcomes any heat wave. If you want to lose yourself in music during your summer vacation, the Glastonbury Festival is the right place where you can groove to powerful rock beats.

Spain - Festival of San Fermin

Every July, over one million people flock to the Festival of San Fermin in the city of Pamplona, Spain. The red scarf, a symbol of the festival, and the white costume designed after the traditional costume of the former Kingdom of Navarre are the essential elements for tourists in the Festival of San Fermin.

The festival consists of world famous events, including its parade and showers of wine. The highlight of this festival is the Running of the Bulls held in the downtown at every morning at 8am during the festival. Once gun fire announces the beginning, bulls and brave individuals start to run along an 800m-long stretch of a street, and many tourists from all around the world visit the festival for this thrilling experience.

If you want to feel the passion of Spain, don’t miss the Festival of San Fermin this summer.

Japan - Tenjin Matsuri

‘Tenjin Matsuri’ is one of the most famous festivals in Japan, which is held in Osaka every July.

In 949 AD, residents built Tenmangu Shrine in Osaka, the capital at that time, to appease the vengeful spirit of a politician who died falsely accused of treason. In 951 AD, they launched a spear into the river, and built an altar where the spear landed, and began to perform a ritual, which eventually evolved into Tenjin Matsuri Festival. Originating from a sad story, now the festival is a folk festival relished by many people from all around the world.

Tenjin Matsuri is largely divided into three events. Rikutokyo, in which over 3,000 people clad in a Japanese traditional costume carry palanquins in their march, is an event that allows you to experience the beauty of Japanese tradition. Hunatokyo, in which over 100 boats go against the river, is also a rare and amazing scene. Lastly, the festival’s great fireworks never fail to light up the night sky. You can also enjoy various kinds of Japanese traditional food in the venue throughout the festival.

If you want to experience a uniquely different Asian culture, we recommend you to visit Tenjin Matsuri on a summer evening.

Global summer festivals loved by global people!

No more boring trips to your familiar beaches in the summer. Why don’t your brave the heat in a different way this year, by visiting some great summer festivals where you can feel the distinct history and culture while losing yourself in immersive experiences?