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About Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles, powered by high-voltage batteries that supply electrical energy to electric motors rather than using fossil fuels, have several advantages including no exhaust emissions, immediate maximum torque upon acceleration, and virtually no noise or vibration due to the absence of an engine. However, one disadvantage is that the vehicle body is heavier compared to conventional vehicles due to the weight of the battery itself.

NEXEN TIRE’s specialized technology for electric vehicles
meets the high performance demands of EV tires

As the era of electric vehicle (EV) mass adoption rapidly approaches, there is a growing demand for products designed specifically for the unique characteristics of electric vehicles, as opposed to traditional internal combustion engine vehicle tires.
NEXEN TIRE is dedicated to the development of products that are optimized for electric vehicles.

Tire Designs Optimized for
Electric Vehicles Using X-AI Technology

X-AI Based Virtual Brain Loop system
Optimized tire structure design for electric vehicle performance, delivering top-notch braking, handling, ride comfort, and durability.

Designing Low-noise Patterns
Optimized for Electric Vehicles using Big Data based AI

Identifies various noise characteristics of tires to design patterns optimized for electric vehicles, resulting in a quiet and comfortable ride.

* X-AI (eXplainable AI)
An artificial intelligence technology that helps to understand and analyze the cause and process of results generated by machine learning algorithms.
* Virtual Brain Loop
A sophisticated AI system developed by NEXEN, using Active Learning that utilizes various AI technologies for faster and more accurate tire design and performance improvements prior to actual tire manufacturing, and then uses the data generated in this process for further AI learning.

Layout and Design Optimized for Maximum Cost Efficiency

Load Distribution Design Using AI
It distributes the heavier load of electric vehicles more evenly than conventional vehicles and maximizes the ground contact area, improving energy efficiency.

Aerodynamic Design
The sidewall design with a smooth surface reduces air resistance and significantly decreases battery consumption. And We increased energy efficiency by 8% over conventional tires by using compounds and aerodynamic design.

Wear-Pattern Shape Retention Technology to Maintain Initial Performance Until Replacement

Even at 50% wear based on the wear limit line, maintaining the pattern shape ensures continuous maximum performance and delays tire replacement time.

Technology Applied to Prevent Vehicle Slip and Skewing
During Sudden Acceleration / Braking Due to the High Output of Electric Vehicles

Wheel Slip Prevention Technology
The electric motor’s strong torque causes a slip between the tread and the road surface during the initial sudden acceleration. So, Technology used to prevent slip through increased block stiffness and optimization (via simulation techniques).

Torque Steer Prevention Technology
At initial sudden acceleration, the strong torque of the electric motor causes the vehicle to skew left and right in the direction of travel. So, Technology applied to control vehicle skewing by optimizing the tread pattern’s block angle (via simulation techniques).

Electric Vehicle-Specific 4D Durability Compound Application

Through the use of a compound optimized for electric vehicles, we enhance grip as well as energy efficiency and mileage performance, providing a tire life that is both safe and satisfying.

Noise Reduction System (NRS) Technology Application for Reduced Cabin Noise

By attaching sound-absorbing material inside the tire, we dramatically reduce the resonant noise generated during driving.

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