Tips for Tire Management Tire management and inspection are the fundamentals of safe driving.
Caution in Using Tires If you are aware of the basic cautions and make a habit of checking them when using tires, you can drive safely while also preventing tire damage in advance.
1. Making a habit of checking the tires
The external look and air pressure of the tires shall be checked in regularly base before driving.
2. Abnormalities while driving
A vehicle must be parked in a safe place in case of feeling an abnormal function while driving and the cause of the problem must be verified.
3. Breaking in the new tires
A new tire is easily damaged by the heat generated while driving if it is used under a severe condition; thus, new tires must be used after break-in driving.
4. Caution: Bumpy Roads
It may cause a code cut on the tire wall of a tire; thus, speed should be reduced when driving.
5. Considering the weather conditions
The road on a rainy day is slippery; thus, a driver should reduce speed depending on weather and road condition.