NEXEN Technology

R&D Centre

NEXEN TYRE’s R&D Centre is committed to developing future tyre technologies to ensure the safety and higher standards of living for all. Our highly qualified research manpower and systematic advanced processes produce the world’s foremost R&D competencies and results.


NEXEN TYRE has established a global R&D network led by its main R&D centre in Yangsan, Korea along with its R&D facilities in the U.S., China and Germany, where it develops future-oriented innovative products that will lead the global market through reinforced technical competitiveness.

Magok R&D Centre

Acting as the control tower of NEXEN TYRE’s R&D Centres distributed throughout the world and the headquarters for research and development (R&D) of our new technologies. Magok R&D Centre focuses on the application of new technologies and development of high-performance and high value-added tyre product.

China R&D Centre

NEXEN TYRE China Technical Centre was established to make inroads into the Chinese market, which is the world’s largest consumer market. It focuses on developing tyres optimised for the local conditions and strategic products, including OE and replacement tyres’ that can also be applied to overseas markets.

Europe R&D Centre

Building higher brand awareness among consumers and outstanding brand values, NEXEN TYRE Europe Technical Centre is working to increase its business portfolio by developing new vehicle tyres and strategic products in the European market, where many global automative companies are located.

America R&D Centre

Aimed at expanding its business presence in North America through developing market driven products suitable for the North American market. NEXEN TYRE America Technical Centre puts an emphasis on developing fundamental technologies based on research of high performance tyres and vehicle technologies.


R&D Centre Committed to new technology