NEXEN Technology

Manufacturing Competitiveness

In pursuit of strategic cooperation and balanced production, these production bases operate NEXEN TYRE's unique and optimised IT systems, MES and SCM, realising a higher level of systematic production management and efficient supply.

The world's most advanced facilities and automation processes

NEXEN TYRE boasts top-tier manufacturing facilities in the industry. NEXEN TYRE produces top quality products through top-notch facilities and system that lead amazing change in the tyre market.

Innovation vision and goal

With a systematic and intimately connected production network across competitive Yangsan Plant as the centre of manufacture and R&D, Changnyeong Plant equipped with the most advanced automation facilities for production of eco-friendly value-added products and China Qingdao plant and Czech plant for expanding into the global market, we have the capability to manufacture quality-products

Yangsan Plant

With an ambitious vision to strengthen its long-term global capacity in manufacturing based on advanced facilities and the production of cutting-edge tyre products, NEXEN TYRE Yangsan Plant continues to fulfill its role as NEXEN TYRE’s manufacturing and R&D hub by continuing the tradition as an exemplary business for advanced labor-management relationships and eco-friendly business.

Changnyeong Plant

After starting operation in 2012, Changnyeong Plant is growing with the best production operation system capable of producing high value-added products with the highest productivity.

Qingdao Plant

NEXEN TYRE China Plant concentrates its energy on achieving localisation and management innovation through emerging as the heart of innovation on quality and productivity in China, expanding the level of domestic demand for OE and obtaining the advancement of the product structure. It will serve as a spring board toward Chinese market, which is considered the world’s largest automotive market.

Zatec Plant

NEXEN TYRE Plant in the Czech Republic will come into operation in 2018 and as a main production base of NEXEN TYRE in Europe for global production system. It will produce 12 million units through phased extension.