NEXEN TIRE Haberler NEXEN TIRE ile ilgili dinamik haberler sunulmaktadır.
Title Opened the renewed homepage of Nexen Tire Date2011-01-14

- Opened the renewed homepage of Nexen Tire
- Held the quiz event to commemorate the renewal, and held the giveaway event
- Secured the customers’ convenience through beneficial information and excellent presentation
- Enabled access from mobile devices and provided easy information search

NEXEN Tire (CEO Yi, Hyeon-bong - www.nexentire.com) newly opened the homepage that reinforced the function of communication with the customers.

The renewed homepage of NEXEN Tire is attracting a lot of attention as it offers dynamic information to the customers apart from its splendid visual display. Also, the efforts to get closer to the customers are being witnessed through the homepage.

In celebration of the homepage opening, NEXEN Tire generously offers gifts including free tire exchange voucher, free entrance ticket to Kidzania, and movie ticket to those who give a correct answer in the quiz on convenience through random draws.

Equipped with various functions focusing on users’ convenience, the homepage provides a lot of tire information based on vehicle type and product characteristic, aiming to offer the optimum information that would help the customers in purchasing the right tire.

Notably, the splendid visual display has been highlighted the most in the renewed homepage. Besides the promotional video clips on the major products of NEXEN Tire, such as N9000, N8000, N6000, and CP672, it delivers dynamic images by applying 5 different main pages that are displayed in turns while presenting refined images customized in terms of CI concept.

As for product information, the performance is explained through images to help the customers understand the product easily and in case of the major tire patterns, the information is effectively delivered by introducing the promotional video clip on the applied technologies.

Through the ‘Inquiry on purchase’ menu, the customers are promptly provided with the information on the most suited tires and store location just by leaving a tire-related inquiry through email, eliminating the burden of making a call. Also, ‘Store search’ provides accurate location of each store using Google map. Along with the suggestion of tire suitable for the customer’s vehicle by simply entering information of vehicle and lifestyle of customers, the rolling selection is implemented to add the sense of entertainment for the search.

As part of actively promoting sports marketing, NEXEN Tire has newly established a section to introduce sports marketing like the professional baseball NEXEN Heroes, RV Championship, and N9000 Class. The sports information related to NEXEN Tire can be checked in real-time through the homepage, and the menu on the continuously promoted events is expected to provide great pleasure to the customers.

Meanwhile, it enables mobile access owing to the recent expansion of smart phone; thus, the renewal of the homepage focusing on users’ convenience is definitely noteworthy.

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