About NEXEN TIRE The business that cares, prepares, and thinks about the value of tomorrow is NEXEN TIRE.
Management PolicyNEXEN TIRE creates the value of tomorrow.
2020 Management Policy
"Beyond Challenge",  A Leap to the Next Level

Execution of Global Leading
Sales Strategies
  • US – Diversification of Sales Channels (National, Regional Accounts)
  • Europe – Facilitation of Retail Downstream Strategy
  • Korea – New Distribution Channel Development (O2O, Rental, etc.)
  • OE – Global Car Maker Group Partnerships, Springboard for Expansion
Optimization of Production and
QA System on Multi-Factory Operations
  • EP Production & Quality Stabilization
  • Supply Chain Optimization (Maximizing Production & Logistics Efficiencies)
  • Production Process Innovation & Cost Competitiveness Enhancement
Enhancement of R&D Technologies
for Premium Markets
  • Priority setting and Roadmaps for Future Technologies
  • High-end Technology Obtainment for Premium OEs
  • Standardization of Global R&D Processes
  • Optimization of R&D cost
Management Optimization and
Global Organizational Culture Growth
  • Global Talent Acquisition & Nurture
  • Establishment of Agile Organizational Culture and Global Standards
  • Optimization of Management Cost and Process Innovation