About NEXEN TIRE The business that cares, prepares, and thinks about the value of tomorrow is NEXEN TIRE.
Management PolicyNEXEN TIRE creates the value of tomorrow.
2019 Management Policy
“Global NEXEN”, Beginning of the Next Great Leap

Market-Specific sales expansion and
channel innovation
  • Develop sales strategies specific to regional and national markets
  • Reduce reliance on wholesalers and diversify customers
  • Expand stock sales and accelerate retail channel sales
  • Introduce and expand new channel systems
Globalized multi-site operation excellence and
cost innovation
  • Stabilize the 4-Global-plants structure
  • Pass on the operational know-how of YP, CP, and QP to EP
  • Maximize productivity and optimize operation of each plant
  • Obtain top-notch quality through innovative automation
Global R&D core capability and technology enhancement
  • Expand European OE orders for the early stabilization of EP
  • Enter and expand Premium OE sales
  • Maximize R&D capabilities and innovate cost structure to improve RE product ompetitiveness
Global standardization of Talent, Culture, and Management System
  • Develop an advanced Management System to establish the foundation for new growth
  • Build an organizational culture and train talent at the level of global leading companies
  • Activate inter-communication of production, R&D, and sales