New All-season Tire for European Road Conditions
All-Weather Performance
Steady Driving Performance
in Various Conditions
Sustained Performance

Exceptional All-Weather Performance

Suitable for Year-round Use in a Wide Temperature Range
New compound developed for European road conditions improves flexibility at low temperature and enhances stiffness at high temperature.

Steady Driving Performance in Various Conditions
Improved Braking on Any Type of Road Condition
Optimized compound hardness and grip resin technology improves braking performance by increasing road contact area.
Enhanced Grip & Slip-Resistant on Wet and Snowy Roads
Angled wave shape and Micro-thin kerfs deliver outstanding wet and snow performances.
Reinforced Snow Traction
Jagged patterns on both shoulder blocks effectively generate tractive force on snowy road conditions.
Sustained Performance
Maintains The Best Grip Condition, Even When Worn
The zigzag blocks appear when the external surfaces wear out to a certain level.
Long-lasting Treadlife
30 percent longer treadlife than the conventional model.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Snow Performance
  • Wet Performance
  • Dry Performance
  • Wear
  • Comfort / Noise
  • Fuel Consumption
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