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Title NEXEN TIRE Sponsors Man City FIFA 20 E-sport Tournament Date2020-06-15

NEXEN TIRE, a global tire manufacturer, announced that the company will be joining as the main partner for the Man City FIFA 20 CUP, Manchester City's first ever FIFA 20 e-sports tournament in Singapore. 

Fans will have the opportunity to enter a virtual Etihad Stadium and play in an exciting PS4 online competition. 

The qualifying rounds will start on Saturday 13 June, with the top eight players returning the following weekend to compete in the knockout group matches and grand finals, both of which will be broadcast in a live show on the Club’s official Facebook channel for the countries of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

The winning player will have the opportunity to play a match against Manchester City's professional FIFA player, Shellzz.

NEXEN TIRE supports the event to reach regional fans and customers and the company will be exposed by the advertising during the broadcast on the Club's official Facebook Channel. 

NEXEN TIRE and Manchester City have been in partnership since 2015, became the first ever Official Sleeve Partner of Manchester City and the first in the Premier League. NEXEN TIRE will reach out and engage with its customers utilizing its partnership platform with Manchester City.

NEXEN TIRE Sponsors Man City FIFA 20 E-sport Tournament
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