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Title NEXEN TIRE Wins Two Red Dot Awards Date2022-03-25

NEXEN TIRE, a leading global tire manufacturer, announced that two products – the N’Blue 4Season 2 and N’blue 4 -Season Van – were awarded the prestigious German Red Dot Awards 2022's main prize in the product design category.

The N’Blue 4Season 2 is an All-Weather tire that excels in a variety of weather conditions, from summer rain to winter snow. Through a wide range of grooves for smooth drainage performance on wet roads and fine micro cuff design on the pattern surface, the wet road and snow performance of the "V" pattern design is improved over the first-generation products.

The shoulder block features 3D cuff technology, which increases block rigidity for stable handling performance in all weather conditions, and the block edge design, which is shaped like a saw blade, effectively improves braking performance in the snow.

The N’blue 4Season Van is all-season tire created specifically for vans. To enable stable driving even in bad weather conditions, a wide longitudinal and transverse groove for smooth drainage performance on a wet road surface and a wave-shaped cuff that strengthens snow performance are applied.

The ground surface with the road is evenly maintained with the optimal pattern design to prevent abnormal wear, and a reinforced structure and long durability compound is applied in consideration of the characteristics of a van vehicle with a heavy load.

Following the 2021 Japan Good Design Awards, the product was recognized for its design competitiveness by the most prestigious international design award institution, winning the main prize at the Red Dot Design Awards (G-Mark).

Meanwhile, the award-winning N’Blue 4Season 2 product will be showcased at the upcoming Tire Cologne 2022 event.

NEXEN TIRE Wins Two Red Dot Awards
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