About NEXEN TYRE The business that cares, prepares, and thinks about the value of tomorrow is NEXEN TYRE.
Ethical ManagementIt is NEXEN TYRE, a clean and transparent corporate culture.
Message from the Global CEO
Dear customers, shareholders and partners who support and care for NEXEN TYRE! It is a pleasure to meet you through the Code of Ethics.
Established in 1942 under the name of Heung-A Tyre Company, NEXEN TYRE had been the first Korean tyre manufacturer in 1956 after the Korean War, we have been evolving into a global player developing 60 series V-shaped rotation tyre for the first in the tyre industry.
Since changing the company name from Woosung Tyre to NEXEN TYRE in 2000 in an effort to innovate corporate image, we have been evolving into a global player demonstrating the highest sales growth in the global tyre industry.
We are operating four plants in Korea, China and Czech, with a central research institute in Magok, Seoul, we established global network including R&D centers in the U.S, China and Germany. We are developing products with excellent performance and quality in response to diversifying market quickly.
NEXEN TYRE could ensure sustainable growth over 70years based on its know-hows, technologies, manufacturing competitiveness, performing work transparently and fairly and having Code of Ethics which puts customers and employees as our top priority. I believe these achievements over 70years are not our ultimate goal but only journey for the future. NEXEN TYRE will not be satisfied with our achievements but make a concerted effort to become a top-notch company and realize the future.
Based on our management philosophy that pursue values of consideration, coexistence and ethical awareness, NEXEN TYRE is moving towards 100year corporation with stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, suppliers, partners, local communities and employees.
Dear executives and employees!
By creating a mature corporate culture that pursues values of consideration, coexistence, preparing for a new era and future generations by deeply rooting our ethical consciousness in our hearts and actions, Let’s make Driving Tomorrow, proud to be working for NEXEN TYRE.
Travis Kang