About NEXEN TYRE The business that cares, prepares, and thinks about the value of tomorrow is NEXEN TYRE.
Social ContributionsNEXEN TYRE accompanies you towards the beautiful and bright future.
Helping our neighbours in need
The board members and employees of NEXEN TYRE operate a regular event for the neighbours in need who are in financially challenging situation. The fund raised through the event is used for supporting the people in the neighbourhood that are suggested by the Division of Social Welfare in the City Hall.
Clean Factory Movement
The Clean Factory Movement that stresses priority to the health and safety of workers is promoted to create a pleasant working space. It is one of NEXEN TYRE’s efforts to maintain zero-contamination and zero-accident working space.
Farm support
Based on the win-win strategy for farms and cities, it sets the sisterhood relationship with Danggok Village in Wondong-myeon in 2004, aiming at the mutual development of cities and farms, which is the home of humans. Through this love-farm sisterhood relationship, NEXEN TYRE is contributing to the development of the farm community.
Operation of a scholarship foundation (Seondo Scholarship Committee in Wolsek, Busan)
By granting scholarship for the students who have to give up their further study owing to financial difficulties, it supports the students to continue their studies and their dreams.
Activities of environment purification
By promoting the environment purification activity not only the working space but also in the local communities, it aims to carry out the CSR activities of NEXEN TYRE.