NEXEN TYRE is the first company to ever manufacture tyres in Korea!
With its start as Heung-ah Tyre Industry in 1942, NEXEN TYRE later evolved in the 80s and 90s to become a company possessing world-class technology prowess through technical ties with global tyre giants. Since then, NEXEN TYRE has progressively been making inroads into foreign markets such as the U.S., China and Europe, expanding its business horizons as an emerging global company.
Sports Marketing of NEXEN TYRE
NEXEN TYRE is the main sponsor of NEXEN Heroes, a South Korean professional baseball team, and has also entered into a partnership with Manchester City FC, a professional football club in England, to convey its young and challenging brand image. It is also developing active sports marketing by also posting ads in Major League Baseball stadiums across the US.
In the US, NEXEN TYRE not only entered into partnerships with three MLB teams but is also currently sponsoring Formula Drift. In Europe, the company is posting ads in the three major league football stadiums, maintaining its official partnership with Manchester City, and officially sponsoring four events of global winter sports competitions.
Advertising & Exhibitions
NEXEN TYRE is carrying out various activities to promote brand awareness such as TV commercials, magazine ads, OOH ads, sales promotion through game tickets, hospitality program by inviting clients, and participation in exhibitions. In particular, it is promoting TV commercials all over Europe through Eurosport, the #1 sports channel in Europe, with the theme of sponsoring Manchester City FC and winter sports, thereby promoting the company’s excellent quality and technology to consumers all over Europe.