About NEXEN TIRE The business that cares, prepares, and thinks about the value of tomorrow is NEXEN TIRE.
Management PolicyNEXEN TIRE creates the value of tomorrow.
2022 Management policy

Aim High! Be Creative! Be Fearless!
Urging to meet “challenging goals” with “new & creative solutions” and “bold actions”
Boldly Implement innovative strategies & Establish
a strong foundation for mid- to long-term growth
혁신 전략의 과감한 실행 및 중장기 성장 기반 구축
Reinforce core R&D capabilities
to meet customer needs
고객 Needs 충족 위한 R&D 핵심 역량 강화
Secure global top tier manufacturing &
quality competitiveness
다공장 생산 및 품질의 시장 경쟁력 확보
Build an organizational culture
of challenge, change, and unity
도전, 변화, 화합의 조직 문화 형성