About NEXEN TIRE The business that cares, prepares, and thinks about the value of tomorrow is NEXEN TIRE.
Management PolicyNEXEN TIRE creates the value of tomorrow.
2021 Management Policy
One Team,
New Attitude, Strong NEXEN!

Maximize sales through customized
market strategies
  • Global RE Promote locally customized sales & channel diversification strategies
  • Domestic RE Expand ‘Next Level’ nationwide and stabilize operations Seek new entry and sales expansion
  • Global RE with customized strategy for each OE customer
  • Marketing Enhance brand awareness through targeted marketing
  • Strengthen Global SCM with balanced and simultaneous Global SCP
New technology!
Strengthen R&D through
Digital Transformation
  • Secure environment-conscious futuristic technologies
    (Smart Tire, EV HLC, etc.)
  • Enhance On-Time response capabilities for Premium OEs
    (Advanced Virtual/AI systems)
  • Strengthen Brand Value-Up activities
    (Improved Magazine Tests, Racing Tires, etc.)
  • Reinforce cost competitiveness through R&D Process innovation
Stricter quality control!
Reinforce quality-oriented
production system
  • Prioritize EP production stability and global leading product quality
  • Standardize multi-factory product quality criteria
  • Maximize cost competitiveness through production process innovation
  • Enhance production flexibility of each factory
    (Mitigate supply/demand unbalance)
Emphasis on Execution!
Maximize management efficiency and lead
a company-wide unity
  • Improve pre-emptive risk prevention and corporate response system
  • Optimize cost-efficiency and develop sustainable management system
  • Rally the company together with communication and unity
  • Change the way we work, the attitude, and the corporate culture