Wheels under control for severe winter condition
Wet & Ice Braking
Ice Acceleration
Snow & Ice Handling

Improved Tire Constructions on Tire Edge and Tread Groove
Stretched tire edge increases contact area and improves braking performance.
Also, extended tread depth tightly holds snow for better acceleration and expels more water and snow.
Better snow braking performance with expanding tread depth and contact surface
Improved acceleration and aquaplaning with full edge construction
Newly Developed Stud Pin
New stud pins penetrates 140~ 150% more than conventional stud which accelerate faster on ice surface.
Optimized stud pin arrangement by analyzing a studding pattern allows even grip force on every moment.
Optimized stud pin arrangement allows even grip on every moment
Increased depths of the stud pin on ice surface
Unique NEXEN 3D Kerf technology increases contact surface on road and improves snow performance. Controlling block distortions with 30 Kerfs during vehicle movement
"Star Twister" Design 
Star shape design around a stud pin disperses ice powders effectively.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Wet performance
  • Dry Performance
  • Comfort / Noise
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