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  With a replacement market potential of over 30M tires a year in the PCR segment, Italy is one of the key countries for the expansion across Europe of Nexen Tire.

The Italian branch was set up in May 2009 in order to manage not only Italy but also other key countries like France, Spain, Portugal, and Turkey. Between 2009 and 2011, thanks to an intense sales activity, the number of tires sold in Italy registered a huge jump and allowed Nexen distinguishing itself from other brands that were trying to penetrate the market in the same period. In 2011, in fact, the Korean company consolidated its presence through the acquisition of new customers and brand awareness increase.

2012 is a crucial year for Nexen Tire: the 3rd plant in Changnyeong, Kyeongsang-namdo in Korea will start operating and it will be the 70th year since Nexen's foundation. Original Equipment business with famous overseas car makers is also expected to take a great leap forward.

The Italian branch intends to contribute actively to Nexen Tire corporate goals and vision to become one among the top 10 tire producers at worldwide level. In Italy, the main goal is to improve Nexen market share and profit thanks to the introduction of new high quality eco-friendly products (summer, winter, 4 seasons), Nexen brand perception improvement, and by delivering an outstanding customer experience. Marketing will play a pivotal role by streamlining the communication with the headquarters and by providing Sales with the necessary support and guidance to get closer and closer to our customer's needs. Creating values for our customers will be a cross-functional endeavor; an accurate industry analysis, an effective planning, and high quality human resources will help the Korean company have a market oriented approach, ensure continuous progresses, and contribute to lead Nexen Tire to its desired milestones.

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