About NEXEN TIRE The business that cares, prepares, and thinks about the value of tomorrow is NEXEN TIRE.
History The history of NEXEN TIRE that is leaping to the world stage is introduced.
2000 ~ TODAY
‘Nexen Tire’ that has practiced the new vision and mission set in 2000 has become a strong business
in a small country realizing the highest sale growth in the world tire market by presenting the technical capacity
and products that drew the attention of the industry in the world.
2018. 09 Established and extended a European Institute (NETC)
2017. 05 Construction Commencement Magok R&D Center
2015. 10 Czech Zatec plant construction
2014. 06 Signing ceremony for the Czech Zatec plant investment agreement
2012. 12 Awarded the tower of 700 million dollar export
2012. 07 No.1 for 3 years in the global customer survey by Japan management associate consulting
2012. 06 Awarded the prize of Korea a top company
2012. 03 Began operation of the Changnyeong plant
2012. 01 Established Shanghai NEXEN TIRE Sales.CO., LTD
2011. 12 Awarded a presidential citation for labormanagement corperation
2010. 11 Awarded the tower of 500 million dollar export
2010. 06 Ground breaking ceremony of the 2nd plant in Changnyeong, Gyeongnam province
(Invested 1.2 tril. won)
2009. 09 Announced the construction of the 2nd plant in Changnyeong, Gyeongnam province
(Invested 1.2 tril. won)
2008. 11 Developed UHP tire of 15 series for the 1st in the world
Awarded the minister’s prize in Korea design awards (Ministry of knowledge and economy)
Awarded the minister’s prize in energy saving festival (Ministry of knowledge and economy)
2008. 05 Selected as an excellent Korea business of service quality appointed by ministry of knowledge and economy
2008. 03 Established a branch in Europe (NEXEN TIRE Europe GMBH)
2008. 01 Started the operation of Qingdao, China
2007. 11 Awarded the tower of 400 million dollar export
2007. 10 Commercialized UH tires in 20 series for the 1st in the world
2007. 03 Tire exhibition in Moscow (2007 E&Rubber) awarded gold/silver prize
2006. 11 Awarded the tower of 300 million dollar export
2006. 09 Established a branch in Shanghai, China
2006. 05 Had the groundbreaking ceremony in Qingdao, China
2006. 01 Established a plant in China (Qingdao NEXEN)
2005. 11 Awarded the tower of 200 million dollar export
2005. 06 Applied a patent for a new technology of nano-particle complexes rubber production and established a branch in the U.S (NEXEN TIRE America, INC.)
2004. 10 Korea Good Design Awards
Awarded the minister’s prize (Ministry of commerce, industry and energy)
2004. 07 Started the operation of the 2nd plant
2003. 07 Restructure bias business – Started investment focusing on high-profit products (UHPT&SUV)
2002. 11 Awarded the president’s award for an excellent business of the disabled employment
2002. 07 Calsse Premiere, Radial N2000 40/45 series selected for Good Design product
2002. 06 Awarded the prize of transparent accounting
2001. 12 Undertook the share of Korea new network (22%)
Acquired ISO 14001
2001. 03 Awarded the prize of model taxpayer
2000. 10 Acquired QS 9000
2000. 08 Joined KOSPI 200
2000. 07 Selected as an excellent business of new labor and management culture
2000. 02 Change the business name to NEXEN TIRE
Held the ceremony of NEXEN CI proclamation